Car Safety Tips


Car safety starts with a safe car.  Car safety is important especially when it comes to addressing the increasing number of accidents on the roads.

There are many mistakes made by drivers and pedestrians which lead to accidents.  Some of the major causes of accidents include; driving under the influence of alcohol,  driving while tired,  lack of concentration during driving as when reaching for objects,  smoking or eating while driving, and many other reasons.  It is vital to keep these rules at heart when it comes to driving because many people have lost there lives because of reckless driving.

A driver should be certified and licensed to drive especially when he is driving with passengers. When travelling with children, there are a number of things that you should consider, first of all, never allow the kids to fight in the car as it can really cause a lot of distraction and eventually lead to an accident.

Always ensure that your cell phone is far from you because you can be tempted to pick it during the driving process.  It is much better to stop at some point and pick the call before progressing. There have been many cases where fatal car crashes were actually caused with a mere mobile phone.

It is always better to avoid drinking especially when you are under the influence of alcohol.  If you are this kind, it’s better to have some couple of friends with you such that they can take over on your way home. Most of the accidents have been caused when the driver was drunk and alone. Because of such cases, there are certain laws that have been stipulated in order to regulate this habit. Anyone found driving under the influence of alcohol will be penalized and even in some cases, taken for prosecution.

unsafe driving practices

However hungry you might be, it is safer if you stop at some point instead of eating while driving. The whole process usually causes distraction and chances are you will end up in a road accident.  It is better for the driver to be composed, alert and vigilant especially with the traffic signs.  This will also help you on the areas to avoid and therefore increases your chances of safety at all costs. There are times when you have to pass across some nice viewing sites, in this case, you should not make it a point of concentrating much on the outside as it will easily distract you and steal all the driving attention.

When it comes to changing lanes, be very careful and avoid being in a rush as you can easily crush on someone else. At this point, it is necessary to make use of the signals and alert people or other drivers on the direction you are taking.  Such places have much confusion, and you can make things easier when you change the lanes in a slower process.  Accidents can occur at anytime; there are cases where other drivers can cause the whole mess. In this case, it is important to be vigilant and composed at all times to prevent any accident at the earliest opportunity.

One of the risky ways that can finally lead to an accident is driving under trauma or stress. Once you find yourself in a state of depression, driving will only make it worse because there will be no concentration and this will easily attract an accident.

If you have an accident be sure to record the other drivers information (driver’s license number, name, address, insurance information).  If you suspect that you are injured call a Minneapolis PI Lawyer right away. Most attorneys will offer a complimentary consultation that allows you to ask any questions that you may have.

Video on how to drive defensively:

Driving within the required speed limit is also important.  Much as driving fast is fun, never forget that it remains a human error to drive beyond the required limits.  There are many accidents which have come as a result of over speeding. Keeping in touch with the latest technological ways of reducing the accidents is better, when you practice on these safe driving habits, it will become a routine and the cases of car accidents will finally come down.

Bad weather has also been a leading cause of accidents especially for the highway drivers. In this case, drivers on the icy road need to be more vigilant, if necessary it is better to maintain some reasonable distance in between your car and that in front of you. Much caution should also be kept around the curves.

Puerto Rico


I’d like to go back to Puerto Rico.

I’ve only been to Puerto Rico one time and that was as a youngster. We traveled on a ship from Central America to the US and stopped in Puerto Rico for a coupuerto-ricople days, if I remember correctly. Last year I found out that one of my old friends now lives in Puerto Rico with his wife and family. My father-in-law has also been to Puerto Rico a couple of times to attend an international health and welfare conference featuring Deepak Chopra. My father-in-law had some pictures of his trip that were very appealing and that piqued my interest in going back.

Puerto Rico is officially called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and is located in the Caribbean between the Dominican Republic and the US Virgin Islands/British Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico is actually part of a grouping of islands called the greater Antilles which includes Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica. By land area it’s the smallest of this island group. The current population of Puerto Rico is about 3.6 million people.

The original aboriginal people of Puerto Rico were called the Taino. The island was discovered and claimed for Spain by none other than Christopher Columbus during his second voyage in 1493. Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony for four centuries, until 1898. As part of the settlement of the Spanish-American war (which was won by the United States) Spain gave up Puerto Rico and handed it over to the United States as a territory. US citizenship was granted to all Puerto Ricans in 1917 and in 1948 they elected their own governor for the first time. To this day Puerto Rico remains a territory of the United States.

There is ongoing debate in Puerto Rico and internationally about the political status of the territory. The primary debate is whether equity cushion remain a territory, become a state of the United States or become its own separate country. In 2012 Puerto Ricans voted to become a state in a nonbinding vote. 61% of those voting voted for statehood. No action was taken subsequent to this boat. But in 2013 the White House announced that the United States will fund a referendum to again ascertain the will of Puerto Rican people on this issue.